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Hayes Nature Park

Town of Clifton Park, NY Municipal

The Environmental Design Partnership, LLP (EDP) was retained by the Town of Clifton Park to design a recreation nature park trail system in Hayes Nature Park located on Moe Road in Clifton Park.

EDP designed a master plan of the proposed park, with plans and specifications for a fine graveled accessible trail system.

EDP obtained NYS DEC wetland permitting and prepared plans and specifications for multiple wetland bridges and boardwalks.

The park was under observation by EDP during time of construction. The park is now enjoyed by local residents for dog walking, trail walking/running, and more.


Key Project Elements:

  • Prepared basemap of existing conditions
  • Master plan of proposed park elements with phasing
  • Plans and specifications for fine graveled accessible trail system
  • Plans and specifications for wetland bridge and boardwalk
  • NYS DEC wetland permitting
  • Construction observation