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Water Pumping and Treatment Facility, Wilton Water and Sewer Authority

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The Environmental Design Partnership, LLP has been providing water and sewer engineering design and permitting services to the Wilton Water and Sewer Authority (WWSA) for all aspects of their water and sewer infrastructure over the past 17 years.  Recent projects completed for the WWSA include repainting of an elevated storage tank, design assistance with water pumping station upgrades, design of a new 1.3 mgd water supply, storage, and pumping station, design of sanitary sewer pump station upgrades, and the design of new sanitary sewer system force main infrastructure.


The WWSA’s sanitary sewer system includes over a dozen pump stations discharging through a common force main system making for challenging hydraulic conditions in terms of ongoing operation and maintenance as well as the design of new connections within the system.  EDP maintains a hydraulic model for the WWSA’s sanitary sewer system providing assistance with existing conditions and predictions of future conditions as various projects are connected and built out within the system.


Key Project Elements:

  • Water supply
  • Water storage
  • Water pump station
  • Sewer forcemain design
  • Collection system design
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Construction oversite
  • Inspection services